Chinese Clay Art, USA

Studio Rules and Policies

Ages of students:

We enroll students of 5 year of age or up. The students under 8 are not able to use the pottery wheels.

Class schedules:

We offer a very flexible schedule to meet different students' needs. The students may join our current classes at any time. We can set up a new class if requested by more than three students.

Absence and make up:

If student was absent, please call us 24 hours in advance. They may make up their class based on our schedule, or extend the ending date of their contract, in case of vacation, students may freeze their account for up to 90 days.

Cancellation and refunds:

If we are notified cancellation before class starts, the student will receive a full refund. If a cancellation takes place after the class has started, full credit can be forwarded to a family member, or a 50 percent credit will be refunded.

Change of the schedule:

Students may change their class schedule based on the availability of classes.

Students have to arrive and leave the studio on time.

Please be prompt. If late, your lesson will still end at the usual time. You are not allowed to work after the designated hours.

Adults' projects are limited to 12" in any direction.

After learning basic forming techniques, students can make their own thematic and aesthetic choices. We encourage students to discuss their projects with the instructor in advance. Adults are allowed to work on larger projects for several sessions. If there are any special needs (extra working time or scheduling of firing), student should give the instructor a timely notice and discuss the extra fees that will occur.

Finished projects.

Students may able to pick up their kiln fired projects after two weeks, and all of the pieces have to be picked up within 60 days. All pieces kept in our location for over 60 days, we may dispose them without a notice. We claim no responsibility for any damage to students' work in the studio or during the firing.

Safety Issue:

All of the students have to follow the instructions during the classes. No playing around with clay or clay tools. Never waste materials. Never place any tools on the wheel head when it not in use.

All of the materials we used in the studio are ones that meet the standard of the US and are washable.