Chinese Clay Art, USA

Clay Ground Instructors

Cathy Chang

Currently a studio artist lives and works in the SF South Bay area. Her resume includes teaching at private art studios and after-school youth art at varied locations. She has taught most of the traditional art skills in painting, drawing, ceramics, and showed works at nearby cities and café galleries. Cathy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts-Studio Art from the University of Southern California (1998). She studied most of her ceramic and painting / drawing courses with Mr. Ken Price and Mr. Bob Alderette. Cathy gained public exposures from student art shows, sold paintings at graduation seminar, and won competitions from participating in the equestrian sport team include first place at Stanford (1995). She also maintains personal studio in San Jose, continues develop a better process in making art.

Jonathan Huang

Digging in the sand box as a little boy, Jonathan Huang found clay. From the cold black clay, he formed snakes, dinosaurs, and action figures. He got his first taste of ceramics (fired clay) in first grade, when an art teacher taught the class to make pinch pots, burnish the clay and brush on clay slip designs. It was awesome. Now, having earned a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Fine Arts degrees in Ceramics Jonathan still clearly remembers the simple joy of squishing clay as a child. He now finds joy in sharing ceramics with his students at the Clayground!

David Zhou

David Guangxin Zhou became interested in arts and crafts when he was still in high school. After graduation he spent his spare time after work to attend arts and crafts school in Shanghai in which he received training in painting and art design. He later became a photographer and opened a studio specializing in portraits and special event photography and videography. His contact with ceramic art began in the US and he quickly fell in love with it; he has kept up his pursuit in this area since. David has been teaching in Clayground for more than 15 years. During this time he completed many specially commissioned pieces of art work for customers; he was invited to participate in the annual Triton Museum of Art Gala in which his works were auctioned off in support of the local museum. His enthusiasm in this art form continues to grow.