Chinese Clay Art, USA

MOVING NOTICE, July 2, 2020

Dear Clients,

Chinese Clay Art was established in California's Silicon Valley in September 1999. Since then, we have carried unique and innovative clay supplies such as texture mats, slab cutters, underglaze transfer papers, decals, brushes and more, both retail and wholesale. Recently, we have decided to move from the shopping plaza of South De Anza Blvd to a residential area nearby. Our retail store and classroom have now been closed. Though the physical address and fax number have changed, our online store, contact information, and our working staff are all being kept the same.

To our local clients, we provide order pick-up services by appointment only.

Your continued support is always deeply appreciated.

Clay Art Supplies

California based, we offer Plastic Texture Mat, Ceramic Decals, Glaze Mixer, Multi-slab Cutter, hand-made Yixing clay tools, Diamond Tools, other innovative clay tools and brushes, ceramic art books, and plus higher quality, lower prices, fast shipping and good services.

New products may updated within every month. For details, please visit our website at

Molds & Stamps

From our Director

I was accepted by the University of Minnesota – Duluth for the Master of Arts arrived the US 1989. It the mid-1990's when Paul Soldner was invited for a lecture and workshops in San Jose State University. I was writing a book, American Ceramic Artists Today (Chinese language only, published in Beijing 1998), at the time. What I learned was that Soldner is not only considered the “father of western Raku firing," but also the inventor of the electrical kiln. Using certain elements from toasters, he made the first electrical kiln in the world. Later on, Soldner established a company called Soldner Pottery Equipment and began to provide clay mixers and pottery wheels to the market. Soldner has become my model in the ceramic field since then.

After I received my MFA from San Jose State University in 1999, I started my own small business – a ceramic classroom called Clay Ground in Silicon Valley, California. Through my teaching experiences, I was able to invent several ceramic tools and applied patents in China. Thus, I decided to start a ceramic tool business. Personally, I consider myself to be a clay artist, educator, and writer. I have been growing together with both the ceramic communities of USA and that of China, and I have frequently contributed my efforts to the two-way traffic of international ceramic exchange. If you would like to know anything about Chinese ceramics, please feel free to send e-mails to me.

Our clay tool business was established in 1999 and we have been building up our relationships beyond the business as well. All of my co-workers and I would like to express our appreciation to everyone who has been or will be supporting our business.

Thank you.

Guangzhen Po Zhou
January 2017