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New Name "Clay Ground" Being Added to the Business, March 2023

Dear valuable clients, colleagues, and friends,

Chinese Clay Art was established in Silicon Valley, California in 1999 (later Chinese Clay Art Corporation). We worked on three types of services: providing innovative clay art tools for both retail and wholesale, ceramic cultural exchange between the US and China, and a ceramic studio and school named "Clay Ground". We taught children of all ages in Silicon Valley and collaborated on ceramic camps together with Santa Clara County YMCA for over two decades (1999-2020). In June 2020, our physical store and classroom at De Anza Shopping Center was closed due to the pandemic, and we now continue our business online only.

To avoid any particular label, and to avoid any confusion regarding our physical location, I have been thinking of changing our business name for years. However, to change the name of a business is a complex process. So, starting from March 2023, we are going to use both names online, Clay Ground and Chinese Clay Art, along with a new logo. But our original website name, online store, and phone numbers will be kept the same, and our working staff are all being kept as well. Our websites are: and No action is needed from all of our clients.

For over two decades, we have been growing and developing along with the ceramic community of the US. Along with our staff members, we deeply appreciate all of the support from you, our clients, colleagues, and friends!

About Our Clay Art Supplies

Based in California, we offer innovative clay tools such as plastic texture mats, ceramic decals, glaze mixers, multi-slab cutters, hand-made Yixing clay tools, diamond grind tools, and brushes, as well as ceramic art books – all at higher quality, lower prices, fast shipping, and great services.

New products may be added on a monthly basis. For details, please visit our website.

Molds & Stamps