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An Overview of World Ceramic Cultural Heritage世界陶瓷文化遗产概览

An Overview of World Ceramic Cultural Heritage世界陶瓷文化遗产概览


本书共约30万字,2000幅插图,568页, 附录有“世界陶瓷文化遗产地图”和“邮票上的世界陶瓷文化”。这是一本中文版书籍但章节标题附有为英文。此书的英文版书将于2025年出版。在过去的十年里,基于世界公民的观点,作者周光真访问了世界各地数百个陶瓷城镇、偏远村庄、历史遗址和相关博物馆,将最近的考古发现与不同语言的信息相结合。本书涵盖了世界主要文明发祥地和文化圈的陶瓷历史文化,以及21世纪当代陶瓷艺术的现状,兼顾了世界陶瓷文化历史的多样性和丰富性,包括帝国窑和皇家瓷器、民间艺术陶瓷、本土陶器,以及艺术设计与工业化生产的陶瓷产品以及现当代陶瓷艺术。

Brief Introduction of An Overview of World Ceramic Cultural Heritage

This book has a total of about 300,000 words and 2,000 illustrations, 568 pages with appendices including "World Ceramic Cultural Heritage Map" and "World Ceramic Culture on Stamps". It is Chinese language edition book but chapter titles with English, and the English edition book will be published in 2025. Over the past decade and based on the viewpoint of World Citizen, the author Guangzhen Zhou has visited hundreds of ceramic towns, remote villages, historical sites, and related museums around the world, combining recent archaeological discoveries with information from different languages. This book covers the history and culture of ceramics in the birthplaces and cultural circles of major civilizations around the world, as well as the current situation of contemporary ceramic art in the 21st century. It takes into account the diversity and richness of ceramic culture and history of the world, including imperia kilns and royal porcelains, folk art ceramics, indigenous potteries, ceramic products produced through industrial art design, and modern and contemporary ceramic art.

Author: Guangzhen Zhou.

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