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Texture Mats, Plastic

Texture Mats, Plastic

The Plastic Rubber Texture Mat is a new patented clay tool for making textures on the surface of moist clay. For the artist or student, mix and match these mats to create an infinite number of intricate and interesting designs. Example: Plastic Texture Mat – Brick Texture. 1. Roll out a slab of clay, place on the top of the Texture Mat, pound or roll the clay evenly. Or impress a portion of the Texture Mat into area desired on a still moist thrown or handbuilt form.. 2. Peel off the clay from the Texture Mat, the texture will show all over the clay surface. Then cut the clay into shapes as you desire.

Item # Size Price
PA 01B 8" X 12" 70.00

Sold Out
PA 01C 8"X 6" 40.00