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Chinese Clay Art Scholarship

Since 1998, the Chinese Ceramic Council USA has sponsored many international ceramic conferences, exhibitions and other ceramic cultural exchange programs. This scholarship is mainly funded by the Chinese Clay Art Corporation USA and partially funded by the municipalities in China that are ceramic production centers, such as Yixing, Foshan and Jingdezhen. The honorarium may be used to cover partial costs of the ceramic exchange programs.

A. Honorary Award, ($200 and up)
This award is for those of organization directors, well-known artists, educators, writers or magazine editors who are going to participate and contribute to Chinese ceramic cultural exchange programs, such as international conferences, exhibitions, China ceramic tours;

B. Leadership Award, ($200 and up)
This award is for those who is going to be a group leader (bringing three or more participants for our international exchange programs), or/and lead the participants during the tour or conference.

C. Academic Award, ($200)
This award is for those who were invited to present slide lectures (prepare about 20-40 slides and take about 15-30 minutes). The slides show may be arranged in one of the following schools or other organizations: The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, the Academy of Arts and Design-Tsinghua University, Beijing, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Jingdezhen, Jiangsu Province, the Academy of Chinese Fine Arts, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and/or the Fine Art College, Shanghai University, Shanghai.

D. Purchase Award, ($100 and up)
This award for both well-known artists and emerging artists who have had shown their art works in the international exhibitions, and the Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA purchases their art works for permanent collections.

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