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Conference and Events

Oct. 9th - 20th, 2006. The first conference of International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange (ISCAEE) at Tsinghua University, The society was established by a group of art schools in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and the United States. The conference will include international ceramics art exhibitions, international ceramic art education seminars, lectures and workshop/demonstrations.

Oct. 18-22, 2006, International Ceramic Fair
Main activities will include Ceramics Exhibition and Trade shows, Jingdezhen International Summit Forum on High-tech Ceramics, National Seminar of Construction and Decoration Design, National Selection of Top-10 and Top-100 Youth Ceramic Artists, technique demonstrations from domestic and international artists, Memorial Ceremony of ˇ°Three Godsˇ± of Millennium Porcelain Capital, Symposium on Blue-and-White Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty, Performance of Porcelain Capital characteristics, and prize selection from the exhibitors of the Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair 2006. For more information, please visit

Oct. 27th - 30th, Yixing Ceramic Art Festival and the 8th National Competition and Evaluation of Designs and Creations in Ceramic Art. The event is hosted by the National Ceramic Industry Association, the Yixing Ceramics Association and the Municipality of Yixing. In conjunction with the competition, the Ceramic Art Festival will host many kinds of traditional performances and entertainment.

Information about the ceramic fairs in China
Oct. 12-18, Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair 2005
Oct. 13-20, China International Ceramic Fair, Foshan 2005

The Annual International Ceramic Fairs are usually held by the local governments of ceramics-producing areas and sponsored by the central government, and the fairs offer trading business opportunities in the ceramics field. The ceramics fairs feature many companies that provide raw materials, tools, equipment, and the finished ceramic products such as daily utensils, decorative items and architecture products.

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