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December 31, 2001.

Dear Customers,

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening the web-store of the Chinese Clay Art, USA. Our goal is to provide inventive, specialized, and inexpensive Chinese clay tools, brushes, ceramic-related books, and other products to serve the world of ceramic artists.

China, a country with one of the largest populations in the world, has labor costs much lower than compared to that of developed countries. Since China became a WTO member in December 2001, competition will increase with international trading companies.

I was born in Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China. I immigrated to the US in 1989 and live in the San Francisco Bay Area now. Shanghai and San Francisco are classified as "closed port" cities by China and the United States. Because of this, we can import some products with lower shipping costs. After a few years of teaching ceramics at our studio, I invented the Plastic Texture Mat, and applied for a patent in China. I went to China in October 2001 and made connections with some Chinese factories. I now have a factory producing the Texture Mat there. Also I found that we could get good deals on ceramic tools, brushes, and other products direct from manufacturers. Now we offer not only the patented Plastic Texture Mat, but also special hand-made Yixing clay tools, Chinese ceramic art books, and other common clay tools and brushes as well. We would like to work with US distributors, and we may offer discount for wholesale customers.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome! We hope we may grow with you together!

Thank you!
Guangzhen Zhou, Director Tutorial

Yixing Clay Tools

Yixing Hand-Made Tools. In Yixing, China, there are thousands of people making teapots. The artisans believe that clay tools are part of their clay work, and many artisans make their own clay tools. Specifically, Yixing artisans like to use bamboo and water buffalo horn to make their clay tools. Bamboo tools are quite durable and water buffalo horn tools are smooth but no stick to the clay like other materials.

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