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Founded August 1999 "CHINESE CLAY ART" is a newsletter emailed bi-monthly to professional ceramic artists who want to know about ceramic art in China and things related. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Editor Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
P.O. Box 1733
Cupertino, CA 95015, U.S.A.
Tel. 800-689-CLAY (2529), 408-343-3919, Fax. 408-343-0117, Email



February 2016, Vol. 118.
From the chief editor Guangzhen Zhou
Call for Entry: Production of Posters
Chinese Visiting Scholar is looking for Help
Ariana Museum in Geneva, Switzerland
The First Central China Ceramics Biennale and Henan Museum
Ten Days Traveling in China October 2015
NCECA Kansas City Missouri, 2016
New catalogue arrived, free Gifts given with purchase at NCECA

August 2015, Vol. 117.
International Forum of NGO-UNESCO and IAC Exhibition in Beijing, July 2015
New Version of Multi-Slab Cutter
About the Manufacture of Clay Tools in China
New arrival Products

February 2015, Vol. 116.
From the editor Guangzhen Zhou
The Unsolved Mysterious of Sanxingdui Culture
The New Feature of Black Pottery in Jinzhong, Shannxi Province
"Autumn Leaf", the installation by Jacques Kaufmann

November 2014, Vol. 115.
Two-way Communications of East and West
Chinese Delegation in IAC Dublin
News From China

July 2014, Vol. 114.
Dublin IAC September 2014
Chinese Ceramics Delegation in Dublin IAC 2014
June 9 -16, 2014, the Ceramic Tour and Symposium in Taiwan
May 2014 in Shanghai, China
Big Fish Small Pot: Sixth International Small Teapot Competition

February 2014, Vol. 112.
The international Triennial of Silicate Arts, Kecskemet, Hungary 2014
2015 Yingge Ceramics Museum Artist-in-Resident Wanted
Shanghai International Ceramic Art Expo 2014
Chinese Participants in NCECA conferences

December 2013, Vol. 111.
Note: About our past and new English editors
Big Fish Small Pot, Sixth International Small Teapot Competition
Gossip about the Chinese Ceramic Art Today

June 2013, Vol. 110.
Journal of 3-day tour and exchange in Yixing China
The 2013 (2nd) China Kaolin Grand Prix for International Ceramic Art
"Talks by Artists" at 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013, Korea

March 2013, Vol. 109.
Opportunities - URGENT, Seeking Speaker on Ceramic Art Education in Western society.
The Chinese Ceramic Artists Delegation for NCECA 2013
Pottery Tour Taiwan, China, Japan 2013 October 10-27

February 2013, Vol. 108.
Happy Chinese New Year of Snake
My Two Day Tour of Korea
In Memory of Janet Mansfield and Sylvia Hyman

December 2012, Vol. 107.
Future Pass World Exhibition, Today Art Museum in Beijing
New Book - The Appreciation and Collection of Modern and Contemporary Ceramic Art (Chinese version)
My Collection of Ceramic Art in Shanghai China

September 2012, Vol. 106.
Promoting American Ceramic Art in China
Call for Entry: Contemporary Ceramic Art in Shanghai Art Expo
New book "The Appreciations and Collections of Modern and Contemporary Ceramic Art" and about the copyrights issues of the images

May 2012, Vol. 105.
Call for Ceramic Sculpture Artists-The 2nd China Changchun International Ceramics Symposium
The Grand Opening Ceremony of Chinese Ceramic Art Masters' League (CCAML) and Chinese Culture Promotion Society - Ceramic Art Center
Chinese Clay Art: Opening Ceremony at New Location -10% off on all purchases May 19, 2012

March 2012, Vol. 104.
Chinese Ceramic Art Delegation and Exhibition at NCECA Seattle
Re-location of Chinese Clay Art Corp
The Celadon Capital -Longquan Village
Tour: "Ceramics China 2012" updated

January 2012, Vol. 103.
The Largest Chinese Group Ever will be in NCECA Conference Seattle
Thanks to Mel Jacobson and many others at Clay Art
Tour: Ceramics China, May 27 to June 10, 2012

December 2011, Vol. 102.
Ceramic Art Education in China
King-size Ceramic Art Museum and Studio, in Shanghai
Ceramic Art Class Teaching in China

October 2011, Vol. 101.
Zibo International Wood-firing Festival, China ,September 1-8, 2011
International Symposium of Ceramic Art Education and Exchange (ISCAEE), Tokyo, Japan, September 17-28, 2011
2011 Ceramics Annual of America, San Francisco. October 6th - 9th

September 2011, Vol. 100.
Articles written by Guangzhen Zhou have been published on the magazines
The Art Zones and Public Art in Beijing, China
The Idea of Economic Pedestals Making

July 2011, Vol. 99.
King Size Ceramic Art Museum in Shanghai, China
The Teaching position at Nanjing University of Fine Art has been filled
The 1st Kaolin International Ceramic Art Competition, Jingdezhen, China

May 2011, Vol. 98.
My Recent China Visiting and Slide Presentation
Article by Guangzhen Zhou was published on Chinese Ceramics Magazine
2011 International Ceramic Art Symposium in Japan

March 2011, Vol. 97.
An email from Japan ceramic artist
2011 International Ceramic Art Symposium in Japan
Ceramic Teaching Opportunity in Nanjing, China

January 2011, Vol. 95.
Paul Soldner changed my life, In Memoriam from Guangzhen Zhou
Art of Greece and Rome, the Origin Source of Western culture and Art

December 2010, Vol. 94.
The Clay Tools Worked beyond the Clay
New Products

November 2010, Vol. 93.
The Dynamic Art Market vs. the Isolated Contemporary Ceramic
Chinese vase sold at auction for 43 million pounds

October 2010, Vol. 92.
The 7th Contemporary Ceramics Biannual of Chinese Youth, Zhejiang Art Museum, China
Mix-medium and Installations by Guangzhen Po Zhou

September 2010, Vol. 91.
NCECA in Chinese version
Ceramic Artist from Japan

August 2010, Vol. 90.
The Artwork Exhibitions in San Jose and San Francisco
Ceramics Annual of America (CAA)

July 2010, Vol. 89.
The Ceramic Art Market in China
Ceramic China Tour June 2010

June 2010, Vol. 88.
Chinese Celebrate 100 Years of Brilliance Overseas: Expo Art Exhibition

April 2010, Vol. 87.
New Book and New Art by Guangzhen Po Zhou
The Art Fair, Art Shanghai, May 12th -16th, 2010

March 2010, Vol. 86.
Visiting Kamm's Art, the World's Largest Teapot Collection
Questions and Answers for the China trip in June 2010

Feburary 2010, Vol. 85.
Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger! -from the editer Po Zhou
Chinese Artist Zhangfa Qian will visit the US

January 2010, Vol. 84.
2010, Trompe L'Oeil Exhibition?, Natsoulas Gallery, California
2010 Ceramic China ---Tour and Exchanges, June 11-28

December 2009, Vol. 83.
The Best American Ceramic Art Exhibition of All at ClayGround, San Jose, California
Al Spivack Donates Three Artworks in China

November 2009, Vol. 82.
China Unlimited - Ceramic Art Shanghai
Donations from Barbara Brown

October 2009, Vol. 81.
The Best of American Ceramic Art in San Jose, California
Ceramic Art Activities in China

September 2009, Vol. 80.
A Letter to All of the Artists around the World
The Report from Beijing Art Expo 2009

July/August 2009, Vol. 79.
Tracing Report,The Best American Ceramic Art-Beijing International Art Expo 2009
About the H1N1 Flu and Traveling to China

June 2009, Vol. 78.
Call for entry:Donate your valuable art work and stay in Jingdezhen five days as VIP for free
Spent Two Months in Jingdezhen Ceramic Studio

May 2009, Vol. 77.
Free Poster, 100 Western Contemporary Teapots
The IAC General Assembly will be hosted in Sacramento California in 2012.

April 2009, Vol. 76.
Chinese Reunion Dinner Party
A Chinese Ceramic Art Educators' Delegation will come over for the conference of NCECA

February 2009, Vol. 75.
Entry for Show and Book in China ---Reach out to the heart of contemporary art in China
Entry for Show: The Best of American Ceramic Art

January 2009, Vol. 74.
10th Anniversary of Chinese Clay Art USA
Beyond the Function---International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition,NCECA 2009

December 2008, Vol. 73.
On the Cover of Martha Stewart Living
International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition

November 2008, Vol. 72.
Tour of Ceramics China, June 2009
International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition at NCECA 2009

October 2008, Vol. 71.
IAC Xi'an China 2008, Sub-conference in Yixing
Letter from Jackie Hyman

Spetember 2008, Vol. 70.
Additional tips for the China Trip
Decal Usage

August 2008, Vol. 69.
International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition
Tips for China Trip

July 2008, Vol. 68.
The Works by the Ceramic Artists around the World
Ralph Bacerra 1938 - 2008

June 2008, Vol. 67.
TRAVEL / IAC China 2008
Western Ceramic Glazes at Chinese Clay Art

May 2008, Vol. 66.
The months of Olympics and Safe Trips to China
The Textural Mats Which Transfer Patterns onto Clay

April 2008, Vol. 65.
Tour of "Ceramics China", Oct. 2008
Two Weeks Special at Chinese Clay Art

March 2008, Vol. 64.
The Clay and Tools for Yixing Teapot Making
Winning Teapots of the Third International Small Teapot Competition

February 2008, Vol. 63.
IAC 2008 Xi'an China
Chinese Clay Art in NCECA and Free Gifts

January 2008, Vol. 62.
Wanted: Ideas or Designs of Clay Art Tools and Decals
A Female Yixing Artist Coming to the US

December 2007, Vol. 61.
IAC China 2008
Useful websites for traveling to China

December 2007, Vol. 60.
Free Shipping-Happy Holidays
Guangzhen Zhou received the Appreciation Certificate

October 2007, Vol. 59.
China tour in the late spring of 2008
Books on Sale up to 78% off

Spetember 2007, Vol. 58.
Ideas and Suggestions For New Clay Tools
DVD of The Innovative and Traditional Clay Tools (free)

August 2007, Vol. 57.
The International Ceramic Art Exhibition at Jingdezhen, China
The World Center of Teapot Making Yixing China

July 2007, Vol. 56.
China Trip-Mass Produce Your Art Works in China
Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Dam Project

April 2007, Vol. 55.
Ceramic China 20 days - Oct. 8 - 27, 2007
Clay Instructors and Marketing Manager

February 2007, Vol. 54.
New Poster, 100 Images of Chinese Historical Ceramic Art

November 2006, Vol. 53.
Tour of Ceramic China, May 31 - June 15, 2007
English Teacher Wanted in China

September 2006, Vol. 52.
IAC General Assembly at the Baltic States
NCECA 2007

July 2006, Vol. 51.
Hands on Teapot Workshop at Wuxi Institute of Arts and Technology
Childhood under the Red Flag

May 2006, Vol. 50.
China Ceramics Tour, Oct. 11-30, 2006
Teapot Donation to the Teapot Museum, Yixing China

March 2006, Vol. 49.
NEW BOOK: Works by Ceramic Artists from Around World
Dinner Party with Chinese Delegation in NCECA, March 10th

January 2006, Vol. 48.
1st Chinese National Ceramic Education Conference 2005
China Ceramics Tours

November 2005, Vol. 47.
Grand Opening of the Online Ceramic Gallery and Gifts Shop November 1, 2005
Yaozhou Kiln

September 2005, Vol. 46.
Chinese Ceramic Tour and Exchanges during Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006
Rustic Splendors: Kiln Treasures from Shiwan

July 2005, Vol. 45.
The International ceramic art exhibitions came to a successful close
Thoughts on Yixing, China 2005 tour

May 2005, Vol. 44.
Information Update on the Conference in Yixing 2005
The Exhibition of International Ceramic Art at the Yixing Ceramics Museum

March 2005, Vol. 43.
Teapot Exhibitions in the Teapot Center of the World

January 2005, Vol. 42.
NCECA International Juried Teapot Exhibition, Yixing Conference Schedule,
and Special Offers from Chinese Clay Art

November 2004, Vol. 41.
New Book: Chinese Ceramic Cultural Sites-A Traveler's Handbook
International Ceramic Conference, Yixing, China, June 2-4, 2005
Museum of Macao

September 2004, Vol. 40.
Jingdezhen Special $1,750, Introduce to Yixing, and Letter from Richard Notkin
Int'l Teapot Conference Yixing 2005, Jingdezhen 1st International Ceramics Fair
Back-to-School Sale of Chinese Clay Art.

July 2004, Vol. 39.
International Teapot Art Conference, Yixing, China, 2005
TRAVEL About the China trip of 2004
PBack-to-School Sale at Chinese Clay Art

March 2004, Vol. 38.
The Activities of Yixing Ceramic Artists' Delegation in the US
Chinese Clay Art Corporation at the NCECA Conference

January 2004, Vol. 37.
Founding of the Chinese Clay Art Corporation

November 2003, Vol. 36.
International Teapot Competition, Yixing Ceramic Art Traveling Exhibition, USA, 2003-2008
at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, Yixing Ceramic Artists Delegation.

September 2003, Vol. 35.
The Yixing Influence on Contemporary American Ceramics
Security Issue of the website of Chinese Clay Art and more.

July 2003, Vol. 34.
Yixing Ceramic Art Traveling Exhibition, USA 2003-2008
Chinese Ceramic Cultural Travel and Exchange 2004

May 2003, Vol. 33.
New London Art Center Yixing Workshop, Yixing Ceramic Show in Downtown San Jose,
California Sculpture Conference, Buffalo Horn Tools and more.

March 2003, Vol. 32.
NCECA Room Available, Yixing Artists Visit US, Yixing Exhibition and Workshop, CCACA 2003

January - February 2003, Vol. 31
East Meets West, China Trip 2003, and Opportunity.

November - December 2002, Vol. 30
ARTICLE - Report on the Foshan Expo
EXHIBITION - Between Tradition & Contemporary Expression

NEW BOOK - A Dictionary of Chinese Ceramics

September - October 2002, Vol. 28
ARTICLE - Foshan Expo, China Exchange and Travel
EXHIBITION - Between Tradition & Contemporary Expression

July - August 2002, Vol. 27
PROFILE - Business Center of "China Ceramics City"
OPPORTUNITY - Invitation to Ceramic Artist, Educators & Critics
TRAVEL - October 02 - Chinese Ceramic Tour
CLAY STORE NOTICE - New Name & New Address

May - June 2002, Vol. 26
ARTICLE - Chinese Ceramic Artist, Lu Pinchang at NCECA
PROFILE - Longquan Celadon Museum
BOOK - Chinese Ceramic Cultural Sites
TRAVEL - Greek Island of Skopelos
CONFERENCES - 2 Upcoming Ceramic Conferences

January - February 2002, Vol. 25
The Ceramic Art Branch of Chinese Artists Association
PROFILE - City of Hangzhou, China
New Clayart Store - clay tools
Chinese Ceramic Artist Delegation will be in NCECA
Copyright Issues in China

November - December 2001, Vol. 24
Chenlu Adventures of Annie Schliffer
New Patented Clay Tools
PROFILE - Chinese artist, Pinchang Lu

September - October 2001, Vol. 23
Ceramic Cultural Sites in the Jingdezhen Area
the Ceramic Art Branch of Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Soc.
TRAVEL - China Ceramic Cultural Travel and Exchange 2002

July - August 2001, Vol. 22
Diary of China Ceramic Cultural Trip, 2001 - Guangzhen "Po" Zhoul
Tea and Teapots, Yixing, and Europe (Part 2) - Carolyn Broadwell

May 2001, Vol. 21
Tea and Teapots, Yixing, and Europe - Carolyn Broadwell
The Terra-cotta Warriors Museum
Symposium - China Trade Porcelain at Harvard

March 2001, Vol. 20
Qian-Shu Dragon Kiln, Yixing, China
Exhibition: East meets West
Featured Artists: Liang Wen-Lun - Li Min - Ji Ye

February 2001, Vol. 19
The China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing
The Ancient Palace Museum, Beijing
Featured Artist: Chinese Nat. Master, Wang Yin-Xia

January 2001, Vol. 18
NCECA Conference at Charlotte, North Carolina, March 2001
Featured Artist: Chinese Nat. Master, Xu Xiu-Tang

December 2000, Vol. 17
SPRING CHINA CLAY TOUR: Ceramic Cultural Exchange Program
Shaan'xi History & Yaozhou Kiln Museums

November 2000, Vol. 16
BRIDGE TO THE EAST: Ceramic Cultural Exchange Program
The Shanghai Art Fair
Pottery Workshop in Hong Kong

October 2000, Vol. 15
The National Academy of Chinese Fine Art
Department of Industrial Design and Ceramics

September 2000, Vol. 14
The CLAYGROUND Anniversary
Kaolin Society of Ceramic Arts

August 2000, Vol. 13
Chinese Clayart E-Newsletter Anniversary
The Shanghai Museum

July 2000, Vol. 12
The Banpo site Museum, Xi'an
The Jingdezhen Kiln of the Folk Art Research Institute

June 2000, Vol. 11
The Highest Vase in the World!
Chinese Great Master of Arts & Crafts

May 2000, Vol. 10
Tsinghua University-International Ceramic Art Exhibition,
One piece for two shows.
Brief intro to Chinese art history and Chinese contemporary ceramic art Part 2 of 2

April 2000, Vol. 9
Brief intro to Chinese art history and Chinese contemporary ceramic art

March 2000, Vol. 8
" NCECA " - Pottery Capital Yixing

Febuary 2000, Vol. 7
"Shanghai Art Fair 2000 - The Cosmopolitan City - Shanghai

January 2000, Vol. 6
"Ceramic Art" Magazine in Taiwan. - Hap Pottery, Beijing, China

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