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Walk-ins are welcome, No reservation is needed
Flat Studio Fee (up to 2 hours):
$12 for Children (5 to 12 years-old);
$14 for Adults;
$2.00 material (clay or glaze) and firing fee will be applied.

Hands on Wet Clay or Pottery Wheel Thrown:
The fee includes studio time, tools, supplies, glazes and firing costs. You may buy whatever clay you want to use yourself. After the project is finished, we will fire it to 1,800 oF. The fired ceramic will be rock hard and can be kept forever. The projects will be able to be picked up within two weeks.

Pottery Painting:
The fee includes studio time, tools, supplies and firing cost. You may buy whichever piece you wish to paint yourself. After the painting is finished, we will coat it with clear glaze and fire it to 1,800 oF. The fired colors will be permanent. All of the materials are safe in according to the US regulations. The projects will be able to be picked up within one week.

Ceramic Beading:
The fee includes studio time, tools and some supplies. You may but whatever beads you wish to use. The projects can be taken with you when you leave.


We teach hand-building techniques such as pinch, coil and slab construction, pressing molds, wheel thrown, decorating, and glazing techniques. We also teach functional vessel forms and non-functional sculpture based on the student's individual motivations.

Class Schedule
We offer year-round ongoing classes with small groups and flexible schedules that students may join at any time.

Fees: Children (5 to 12 years-old)

Children, 1 hour $21/1 session $100/5 sessions $180/10 sessions
Children, 2 hours $40/1 session $180/5 sessions $345/10 sessions
Adults, 1 hour $23/1 session $110/5 sessions $215/10 sessions
Adults, 2 hours $45/1 session $215/5 sessions $400/10 sessions

Discount: 5% off for 2nd siblings or family members when signed up together.

Regular ceramic classes can be 1 or 2-hour sessions per week. The fee includes instruction, clay, glaze materials and firing fee.


Celebrate your birthday party at our studio. Kids can use their own imagination to create 3-dimensional artworks, or select a bisque-ware vase or figurine to paint, and have them finished as colorful glaze-fired ceramic pieces.

Wet Clay Project
Depending on the children¡¯s age, they may choose one of the provided creative projects to work with. It takes one hour to make an art piece out of wet clay, and half an hour to color the piece. It takes two weeks to dry and fire, then it will be ready for pick up.

Pottery Painting Project
Each guest will able to choose one bisque-ware (vase or figurine up to $10 retail value) to paint. After the project painting is finished, we will coat it with clear glaze and fire it to 1,800 F. The projects will be able to be picked up within one week.

We charge $260 for a 2 hour party for up to 10 guests at our studio. It will be $15 for each additional guest. The fees include instruction, materials, firing, a 90 minute-clay workshop and a 30 minute party time at our studio. Fees do not include: cake, drinks and paperware.

Please pay $100 one week in advance for grantee reservation.

Ages and Birthday Party Projects: (One Project Only)

5 - 6 years-old: Picture Frames, Mugs or Castle Pencil Holders.

7 - 8 years-old:
Animals, Dolphin or Fish Tea Pots.
9 years-old and up:
Bird House, or Snake Teapots.
Bird House
Bird House


  • $50 for 30-minute party time at our studio
  • $40 for coming to your home or other location (12 miles or less).


    We teach hand-building techniques such as pinch, coil and slab construction, press molds, wheel thrown, decorating, and glazing techniques. We teach functional vessel forms and non-functional sculpture based on student's individual motivations.

    Weekly Camp Schedule: Summer Camp is small groups, one or two hours per day started 2 pm in afternoons, five days per week Monday through Friday.

    Beginning Ceramic
    This class is designed for children at all ages. The students may able to learn the basic clay techniques of pinch, coil, slab and glazing. Each of them will able to complete four glaze fired ceramic works (they will do one project each day and glaze then on the last day).
    Monday: Introduction to the ceramic art. Pinch Technique, such as a turtle with snail on the back.
    Tuesday: Coil Technique. Snake teapot or coil pot.
    Wednesday: Slab Techniques: Dolphin or fish.
    Thursday: Decoration Techniques: Mug or pencil / candle holder, or jewelry box.
    Friday: Glazing Techniques: Glazing all of the pieces the student made in last four days.

    Advanced Ceramic
    This class is designed for students who have been learned the ceramics before and for the ages 4th grade and up. During the classes, the students will be able to learn about the clay sculpture, hand-building techniques and pottery wheel thrown.

    Introduction to the ceramics
    It will be a brief introduction of ceramics, including hand-building, pottery wheel throwing and firing process.
    Pottery wheel thrown projects(Vessel form of mugs or bowls).
    Our instructors will teach you step by step and help you to develop the skills and make your own pieces. Each student will able to work on the pottery wheel and finish four wheel thrown pieces.
    Hand-building projects (Sculptures of animals or other themes).
    The student may bring some sketches or picture books, and select one or two sculpture projects (such as animals) and finish them under the helps of our instructors.
    Glazing Techniques
    On Fridays, students will be able to glaze and finish up all of the pieces that the students made in the studio.
    Finished art works
    Each student will be able to finish four glaze fired pieces (limit 5" in any direction). All of the finished art work will be fired at our studio electrical kiln at 2,000oF.

    Fees 5 classes per week, Monday - Friday, This fee includes instruction, materials and firing fee.
    Summer Camp 1 Hour 2 Hours
    Beginning Class $100 $180
    Advanced Class $110 $190

    Underglaze Painting Projects

    Walk-ins are welcome
    Flat Studio Fee (up to 2 hours):
    $8 for Children (5 to 12 years-old);
    $10 for Adults

    You may choice the bisques fired pieces to paint your own designs. This fee is included glazing and kiln firing, plus support from our trained staff. But you may need to buy the bisque fired pieces from whatever we have in the stock.

    Ceramic / Clay Art Program for Girl Scouts

    • Participants will be able to experience the clay material, learn the hand-building techniques, get familiar with basic knowledge of the ceramics, and finish four of glaze fired projects.
    • Participants will be able to use many unique tools, such as: stamps, cookie cutters, animal molds and patented texture mats that provide in our studio.
    • The basic knowledge of pottery wheel thrown, kiln and firing will be introduced during the course.
    One and half hour per class, and five classes in total.
    1. Introduction to the clay art. Decorative bowl with pinch technique.
    2. Tiles or fish teapot project with slab technique.
    3. Honey Jar project with coil technique.
    4. Glaze all of the pieces that are finish in the last three classes.
    The fired projects will be ready to pick up within two or three weeks. The projects might be changed depending on personal interests.

    For folk pottery, you may visit:
    Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University
    Located on the Stanford University campus at Lomita Drive and Museum Way.
    Hours: Wednesday. - Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm, Thursday, 11 am - 8 pm
    Closed Monday and Tuesday.
    Group Tour Information: Tel. 650-723-3469, Admission Free

    (One Hour Per Time/Price)

    $19 each for 5 - 10 guests;
    $17 each for 11 guests and up.
    Same Price for Children or Adults, material and firing fee are included.

    Flat Studio Fee

    $7 /per person / per hour.
    You just pay the plat studio fee to access our studio facilities including the pottery wheels, firing fee (limited to 6" in any direction, or additional fee may charged) plus support from our trained staff. But you may need to buy clay or bisque fired pieces whatever you wanted.

    Customer Firing

    We offer customer firing at our Skutt electrical kiln. Normally we fire our kiln once a week at temperature of ¦¤06-¦¤5 (about 1830-1915oF).

    Kiln Fire Price and Policies:

    • Prices: $0.03 per every cubic inch; $35 per shelf (limited 6" height, or will be additional charge for over size); and $180 per full loaded kiln (25" height X 23" Diameter). Minimum charge will be $3 per piece. We offer discount for schools and regular based customers
    • Polices: All works must be completed dry. No glaze on the bottom of any piece. No fragile pieces and no large solid pieces. ClayGround is not responsible for any damages during the firing process. We will pay the materials for pieces broken due to our negligence.
    • Firing Schedule: Normal firing time takes 2 days per each kiln firing (including heat up and cool down). Depending on our firing schedules and difference seasons, please wait for 1-3 weeks to pick up your works. Fired pieces have to be picked up within 30 days.


    Gift certificates of $10, $20, and $50 are available. Please ask us.

    Studio Rules and Policies

    • Ages of students: We enroll students of 5 year of age or up. The students under 8 are not able to use the pottery wheels.
    • Class schedules: We offer a very flexible schedule to meet different students' needs. The students may join our current classes at any time. We can set up a new class if requested by more than three students.
    • Absence and make up: If student was absent, please call us 24 hours in advance. They may make up their class based on our schedule, or extend the ending date of their contract, in case of vacation, students may freeze their account for up to 90 days.
    • Cancellation and refunds: If we are notified cancellation before class starts, the student will receive a full refund. If a cancellation takes place after the class has started, full credit can be forwarded to a family member, or a 50 percent credit will be refunded.
    • Change of the schedule: Students may change their class schedule based on the availability of classes.
    • Students have to arrive and leave the studio on time. Please be prompt. If late, your lesson will still end at the usual time. You are not allowed to work after the designated hours.
    • Adults' projects are limited to 12" in any direction. After learning basic forming techniques, students can make their own thematic and aesthetic choices. We encourage students to discuss their projects with the instructor in advance. Adults are allowed to work on larger projects for several sessions. If there are any special needs (extra working time or scheduling of firing), student should give the instructor a timely notice and discuss the extra fees that will occur.
    • Finished projects. Students may able to pick up their kiln fired projects after two weeks, and all of the pieces have to be picked up within 60 days. All pieces kept in our location for over 60 days, we may dispose them without a notice. We claim no responsibility for any damage to students' work in the studio or during the firing.
    • Safety Issue
      All of the students have to follow the instructions during the classes. No playing around with clay or clay tools. Never waste materials. Never place any tools on the wheel head when it not in use.
      All of the materials we used in the studio are ones that meet the standard of the US and are washable.

    Job Opening

    Clay Instructor. Part-time
    Job Description: Teach YMCA summer camps for children from 5-12 years old and after school programs.
    Location: 1518 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose, CA 95129 (west San Jose near highway 85,
    Requirement: The instructors need have experiences of clay materials and techniques of hand-building and pottery wheel through, and patient with children.
    Teaching Hours: The teaching hours are based on the business needs. The regular classes will be in the afternoon from 2:30pm to 6:00pm Monday ¨C Friday, and whole day in Saturday and Sunday, and the summer camps would be anytime in the morning or afternoon weekdays, summer camp will be 10am-12noon, Monday ¨C Friday, June 25 ¨C August 17.
    Salary: $50 per two-hour class.
    Application: Please send resume and contact information to

    ** The price may be changed without notice.


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