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About the web store of the Chinese Clay Art, USA
Founded in the end of 2001, Chinese Clay Art, USA, is a web store. We offer low prices on Chinese products, for example, patented texture mats and newly invented clay tools, Chinese traditional and hand-made items and brushes, English versions of Chinese ceramic art related books, and unique collectible ceramic art works. Most of our products are imported direct from manufacturers in China.

About the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
E-newsletters, Chinese Ceramic Cultural Travel and Exchange. Founded in 1998, the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA, is an organization which promotes exchanges between East and West for ceramic art communities. We provide Chinese culture information, consultation, connection, and exchange. During the past few years, we organized the International Ceramic Artists Delegations' visits to China; the International Ceramics Conference - Yixing, China 2001; and the Foshan Ceramics Exposition 2002. Also, we organized yearly Chinese Ceramic Artists Delegations' visits to the US including participating in NCECA conferences (the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts); and we held the Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Denver 2000; the American Ceramic Art Exhibition - Shanghai 2000; and the East meets West - International Ceramic Exhibition, San Jose 2001.

We offer free newsletters of Chinese Clay Art, which emailed bi-monthly to professional ceramic artists who would like to know about ceramic art in China and things related, and we offer Chinese ceramic tours and other ceramic cultural exchange programs.

About the Clayground
Founded in September 1999, the Clayground is a ceramic art studio and studio. Our students range from 5-year-olds to all ages, from housewives to high tech engineers, from native-born Americans to new immigrants from China, India, Japan, Korea and many other nations. We have held ceramic summer camps for the YMCA, and associated with some other daycare schools and taught classes there. Also, we have hosted many ceramic exhibitions, such as "The Clay Work Exhibition of Instructors and Students of San Jose State University" and "The San Francisco Bay Area Chinese Children's Clay Work Competition," the "East Meets West - International Clay Art Exhibition," and the "Yixing Style Gu Mei-qun Ceramic Exhibition and Clay Workshop."

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